Inspection & Sampling Services

We provide top-quality cargo inspection services and trustworthy shore and vessel calibrations.

Our team at Atlantic Product Services has decades of experience providing reliable cargo inspection services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We provide in-depth inspections for cleanliness and quality following industry guidelines, and we also establish safety protocols for transportation and storage.

We can determine the quantity of a substance stored in a shore tank, petroleum tank or on a vessel, when the exact quantity is unknown for inventory or custody transfers. We provide accurate calibrations and precise measurements from tanks of any size, shape or design. Our detailed and comprehensive survey will produce an accurate charting and ensure the safety of your product.

APS’s testing services are often coupled with inspecting, sampling, measuring, and monitoring petroleum storage tanks, transportation vessels, power generation systems, waste water, and potable water.

APS’s approach revolves around providing unique solutions for customer needs. APS has the expertise to advise on testing options best suited for the situation and treatment options for offspec cargos for the specification requirements. Seasonality and sampling can greatly affect testing results, and we help improve operations for accuracy. We also understand the cost of delays and strive for the quickest turn arounds possible. Most testing is onsite, we’re willing to set up at client locations, and we leverage our strategic partners to fill client timelines and needs effectively.

Our service area for inspection work is limited to the northeast but we have strategic partnerships world-wide. We have offices in Houston and will be opening a laboratory soon.

Reliable cargo inspection services we offer

Our customers

Our customers include organizations in the following industries.

  • Petroleum products terminals
  • Petroleum transportation and storage services providers
  • Integrated supermajor petroleum companies
  • Commodities traders and schedulers
  • Fuel distributors
  • Heating oil distributors
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Chemical companies
  • Utility and power generation companies
  • Tank cleaning and water treatment providers
  • Oil recyclers
  • Municipalities
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Research and Development companies
  • Building maintenance groups
  • Fire inspectors and Building inspectors
  • Fleet maintenance groups
  • Marinas
  • Cargo ports
  • Marine agency services providers
  • Accounting firms and Law firms
  • Other laboratories

Our experience

We are highly experienced in the following categories.

  • Measurement, sampling, calibration, and testing of barges, tanks, ships, pipeline, and rail cars
  • Loading, discharging, custody transfers, gauging, and loss control of barges, tanks, ships pipeline, and rail cars
  • Quality Control and preliminary cleanliness Inspections for barges, tanks, ships pipeline, and rail cars
  • Draft Surveys and ISO Bunker Quantity Surveys (BQS)
  • Inventories and calibrations of storage tanks, change over work, and oversight work for terminals
  • Additive Treatment Services ; Dyes, Ash, CFPP, Lubricity, Cloud Pour Point, Cetane improvers, H2S, Drag Reducer
  • Wind turbine predictive maintenance testing and fluid analysis for extreme weather conditions
  • Power generation mineral oil sampling and testing
  • Fleet, Construction, Agricultural, Transportation, and Standby Emergency Generators fuel testing and predictive maintenance testing through motor oil, antifreeze/coolant testing, and hydraulic fluid analysis
  • Jet fuel inventory, additives, and sampling
  • Wastewater monitoring, sampling, and testing to adhere to EPA requirements
  • Drinking water sampling and testing for ships and transportation vessels
  • Sample requirements consulting and laboratory sourcing for specialized tests and hazardous shipping to third party labs

We’d love to work with you.

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