APS’s Petroleum Testing Capabilities focus on Diesel, Heating Oil, Gasoline, and Jet Fuel

We offer a wide variety ASTM, EPA, IP, and ISO testing services to businesses in the energy industry.

We guarantee accurate results and ensure comprehensive testings following industry standards. We offer fast and reliable results, up-to-minute updates and operate around the clock. We collect samples and also offer mail-in submitted samples.

Our petroleum testing laboratory focuses on the following ASTM standards.

  • Diesel ASTM D975
  • Fuel Oil ASTM D396
  • Gasoline ASTM D4814
  • Jet Fuel ASTM D1665

Testing services we offer

We can assist you with all types of environmental and soil chemical analysis. Using our state of the art equipment, our highly experienced laboratory personnel, and our precise testing techniques, we can identify the presence of harmful contaminants such as those below.

Testing Specifications

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